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Construction Projects
 NameDescriptionRouteCountyStart DateEnd DateStart MPEnd PMHot Spot
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US-89; Farmington to I-84;US-89 in Davis County from Farmington to I-84US 89DavisSpring 2020Winter 2023MP 406MP 396
Ogden Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)Harrison Blvd.SR 203WeberSummer 2022Autumn 2023MP 3MP 4
I-80 & I-215 Renewed; Salt Lake East (I-80)I-80 & I-215 in Salt Lake CountyI-80Salt LakeSpring 2021Winter 2023MP 125MP 127
I-80 & I-215 Renewed; Salt Lake East (I-215)I-80 & I-215 in Salt Lake CountyI-215 ESalt LakeSpring 2021Winter 2023MP 2MP 4
I-84; Morgan to Summit County ImprovementsI-84; SR-66 to Summit CountyI-84MorganSpring 2021Spring 2023MP 108MP 111
U.S. 40 - North Wasatch CountyU.S. 40; Provo River Bridge to Summit County LineUS 40WasatchSpring 2022Summer 2023MP 7MP 13
S.R. 24 ImprovedS.R. 24; Torrey to Hanksville - Rehabilitation and ShoulderingSR 24WayneSpring 2022Autumn 2022MP 68MP 119
SR-111 Bridge RemovalsSR. 111 between 5400 S. and 7800 S.SR 111Salt LakeSpring 2022Autumn 2022MP 2MP 5
I-70/I-15; Interchange Deck ReplacementsI-70 and I-15 InterchangeI-70MillardSpring 2022Autumn 2022MP 0MP 2
State Street: I-215 to 3000 SouthState Street from I-215 to 3000 SouthUS 89Salt LakeSpring 2022Winter 2023MP 370MP 375
Redwood Road Safety Enhancements4100 South to 5400 SouthRedwood RdSalt LakeSummer 2022Autumn 2023MP 54MP 51
Naples City Limits to 9000 ERoadway and Bridge ImprovementsUS 40UintahSummer 2022Winter 2022MP 148MP 159
State Route 24; Fremont River BridgeState Route 24 bridge over Fremont RiverSR 24WayneAutumn 2022Summer 2023MP 95MP 98
SR-39; Ogden Canyon TrailSR-39; Mouth of Ogden CanyonSR 39WeberAutumn 2022Autumn 2023MP 8MP 10
West Davis HighwayDavis County from I-15 near Glovers Lane in Farmington to SR-193 in West P....Legacy PkwyDavisSpring 2021Spring 2024MP 8MP 11
Lane Closures
RouteCountyDescriptionLanes AffectedDirectionStart DateEnd DateTypeStart MPEnd MP
I-215 ESalt LakeThe Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will improve I-215 East betwe....1Both Directions12/1/2021 12:00 AM12/30/2022 5:00 PMActiveMP 2MP 4
I-80Salt LakeThe Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will improve I-80 between 130....1Both Directions12/1/2021 12:00 AM12/31/2022 12:00 AMActiveMP 125MP 127
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